I share five tips that I followed in simplifying my life.
Hi, I’m Theresa, SAHM of two living MINIMALIST with my husband and kids in our small house.

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MINIMALISM with a family has helped us save a lot of money every year. We chose to buy a smaller house with a 15 year mortgage that we plan to have paid off in a total of seven years (or 3 years from now). In this video I talk about the steps I took to help simply not only my life but the lives of my husband and kids as well.

On this channel I am excited to share with you our family’s journey living on one income.We have been on Dave Ramsey’s baby steps for 3 years now and are cash flowing my husband’s graduate degree. I am passionate about our simple lifestyle, and following the Dave Ramsey money principles. I live with my family of four in our small house.
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