How to build the cheapest and easiest setup for aquaponics and hydroponics! If this works, this setup could just be the cheapest aquaponics setup ever. But it ALSO will relook at the way we see aquaponics setups in the future. No longer will you need multiple pumps and reservoirs, but the ENTIRE system is a closed system much like nature is. The entire project cost me only and here is the materials you will need:
14 gallon fish tank (or one like this:
1 air stone strip –
1 Air pump –
4 goldfish – $.75
2 (5lb.) bags of river rock
1 – 1X12X24 foam board –
8 – 2 inch net cups –
3 OR 8 – 3 large multiple plant herb container *separated*, OR 8 small plants –

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