Three years ago, the Jordan family left their 2,500-square-foot, 4-bedroom home to move into a 1-bedroom 320-square-foot prefab. They also left behind a mortgage, the four jobs they’d taken on between the 2 of them to pay it, and a lot of stress. They now have more time to focus on their family home business and on spending time with their teenage son.

When we first talked to the Jordans nearly two years ago (and dubbed their home the “Shotgun Shack redux” which promptly went viral), their son Max was living in a small loft with ceilings too low for standing. He loved his clubhouse, but Debra vowed to remodel it as soon as she had some extra money.

Thanks to a brother-in-law builder who was determined to salvage and reuse as much building materials as possible (he’d spent time doing Katrina Relief work and was impacted by the building material waste he witnessed), Debra only had to save 0 to turn Max’s crawl space into a real bedroom.

They literally raising the roof with an old-fashioned barn raising, getting help from their now 14-year-old son and her sister and brother-in-law.

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