Grow More Food at Home: The Urban Gardening Series

Grow More Food at Home: The Urban Gardening Series

Introducing the Urban Gardening Series
Today I wanted to introduce a new series in response to world events that are touching many homes here in Canada. The other day while shopping I saw a medium sized tomato with a price of 3$ each and a head of cauliflower over 10$ . World events have led to fast and sharp increases in the cost of groceries.

I hope through the Urban Gardening series that both new and experienced gardeners are able to have a successful growing season without having to invest a lot. Especially for new gardeners success helps you want to continue and garden into the future.

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Dia Mirza on Living Sustainably in the Urban Jungle

Dia Mirza on Living Sustainably in the Urban Jungle

On World Environment Day, we get a peep into Dia Mirza’s home in Mumbai, as she gives us a few tips on living sustainably in our urban jungles.

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Urban Aquaculture: Fish Farming in the City

Urban Aquaculture: Fish Farming in the City

Aquaculture (i.e. aquatic plants and animals) is North America’s third largest import, only following automobiles and fuel. However, we have managed to overfish our environment beyond repair. Overfishing poses an enormous threat to our oceanic ecosystems. Enter urban aquaculture, or more simply put: fish farming in the city.

Because urban aquaculture raises their fish rather than collecting them in mass quantities from their natural habitat, it provides an opportunity for fish levels and ecosystems to return to a healthier state.

Professor Martin Schreibman, distinguished Professor Emeritus of Biology at Brooklyn College, has developed a state-of-the-art, sustainable urban aquaculture facility. His aquaculture utilizes a water re-use system. Fish waste is filtered out and is used as a plant fertilizer, so ultimately, he is self-sustainably harvesting 2 types of crop — fish and plants.
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My Urban Food Forest – What I Ate Today Out of My Yard

My Urban Food Forest – What I Ate Today Out of My Yard

Backyard Garden Tour – My Urban Food Forest – What I Ate Today Out of My Yard!

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