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Our 26′ Tumbleweed Trailer for our tiny house on wheels is finally here!
We are so excited to start building our tiny house, and this was the first big milestone for our build: Trailer Delivery Day!

Mike Flowers, who owns Coyote Express out of Hobbs, New Mexico hauled our trailer from Colorado Springs to St. Louis for us.
Mike was very helpful, he got our trailer here safe and sound, looked it over for us, gave our building project his blessing, and made us promise to send him pictures!
If you need hauling service for YOUR tiny house trailer (or anything else, for that matter) you can reach Mike at (575) 318-3077.

About the trailer:
Our trailer bed is 26 feet long with a full porch, and the length of the entire trailer – tongue and all – is about 30 feet. It has three axles, each with a 5,200lb load rating, and it is equipped with tail lights, brakes, four stability jacks, and 8 threaded rods for hurricane ties.
The trailer came with metal flashing already installed underneath the metal tube framing, which was important to us because crawling underneath the trailer to screw aluminum into metal sounded like a giant pain in the butt!

We bought our trailer from Tumbleweed Tiny House Company and we were very happy with the quality and design of the trailer.
We purchased a Utility Trailer because that’s what the Elm plans that we purchased called for (more on that in a later video), but since we did a lot of re-designing anyway, we could have probably gone with their Low-Wider trailer or the Deck-Over trailer and gained an extra 11″ of width inside.
The Utility trailer does have the lowest deck height of all three Tumbleweed options (24″ off the ground), which gave us the greatest amount of head-room inside the house (max height to stay street-legal is 13’6″ above the ground).

In case you are wondering (we were), the metal framing (essentially our floor joists) are spaced at 24′ on center, starting from the tongue side of the trailer, OUTSIDE of the 2×4 and plywood that the Tumbleweed plans call for around the outside of the trailer deck. This will make more sense in a few videos when you can see this outside framing.
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