Tiny House the Size of a Parking Space, built by design students

SCAD PADs are tiny homes built by SCAD design students in Atlanta, Georgia. The goal? Create a livable space the size of a parking spot!

SCAD PAD Asia’s design was inspired by the Asian culture. One of the most amazing aspects of this tiny home is that the walls are actually interactive – THEY SING WHEN YOU TOUCH THEM!

Using innovation, intelligence and talent the design students of SCAD Atlanta sure have created three amazing tiny homes (or alternatives to dorm rooms).

Towards the end of this tour, we talk through the SCAD PAD community, located in a school owned parking lot. The community features a garden, game area, 3D printing station and much more! Make sure you watch until the end to get the entire tour of the grounds.

More on SCADpad ASIA: http://www.scadpad.com/tour-pads/asia

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