Top 10 Ways To Become More Self Sufficient Using Your Yard or Garden

Becoming more self sufficient is growing in popularity every day. And with good reason; it saves money, offers peace of mind, is loads of fun and is a very useful thing to do. Here are my top 10 ways to utilize your yard or garden in your journey to becoming as self sufficient as possible, right where we are!

1. Grow a Garden
2. Grow Fruit (on vines, bushes or trees)
3. Grow Herbs and Spices
4. Keep Livestock (chickens, goats, sheep, etc.)
5. Compost
6. Sell/ Barter
7. Forage
8. Plan around what you have and Cook
9. Utilize your Trees (leaves for compost, mulch, animal bedding and branches for cooking or heating the home)
10. Save Seeds

How many are you able to do right now where you live? Which ones are you aspiring to achieve in the future? Share with me! πŸ™‚

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