Woman Ditches Mortgage to Build a Tiny House on Wheels

In this video, we meet Natalie, a woman in her mid-thirties who has been living in her tiny house for a year and a half. She built her tiny house on wheels with the help of a contractor and the whole project, including labor, cost approximately ,000 CAD (although the roof still needs to be shingled). The tiny house is currently parked in a suburb of Montreal, Canada but with a little bit of work (i.e. taking down a portion of the backyard fencing), the house could be moved almost anywhere.

Watch our interview and tiny house tour with Natalie to find out how she adapted a Tumbleweed Tiny House plan to withstand extreme winter weather, how living in a tiny house has given her more financial security, and why this is the house she wants to live in for the rest of her life.

Natalie blogged about her tiny house building process here:

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